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Wallet Collector

Web Application

Click and Collect

This application allows you to filter and collect all ethereum wallet addresses. All the ENS adresses will be automatically translated into ethereum 0x.. adresses. The address list will be separated in chunks and can be copied to the clipboard or downloaded as a CSV file.


Web Application Project


November 2022


UX Design, UI Design

The Problem

Most individuals or NFT brands are using Twitter to grow their commuties. They are doing NFT giveaway tweets to increase their interactions and followings. To do so they need to collect the participants ethereum wallet adresses. Copying thousands of addresses manually is impossible. Some tweet replies can not even be loaded after a period of time.

The Solution

A web application, which filters and collects all ethereum wallet addresses in one click. No installation is needed and can be used in the browser. The usser interfface is easy to understand even if the user uses the application for the first time.