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Pizza As a Starter

The project "RareDough" is an innovative and exciting NFT project that aims to build its community in a completely organic way through the use of unique pizza-themed NFTs. This pizza-themed NFTs is a pre-launch campaign for their main NFT collection drop. The project's goal is to distribute these NFTs to all active members of the community, creating a sense of exclusivity and rarity among the holders.


NFT Project,NFT Community


December 2022


UX Design, UI Design, Web3 Application

The Challenge

One of my main challenges and tasks on this project was to translate complex smart contract functions into a simple and easy-to-use user flow. This required a deep understanding of the underlying technology as well as an ability to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions.Another important task was to create an intuitive user interface that would make it easy for users to interact with the NFTs and the various features of the project. This required a strong understanding of user experience design and the ability to create a user-friendly interface that would be accessible to people of all skill levels.

In addition, I was also tasked with implementing new features that had not existed in any other NFT project before. The "Burn Oven" is burning NFTs and minting a token at the same time. To make the user experience feel like it is just one simple function. This required a great deal of research and experimentation to come up with original and innovative ideas that would set RareDough apart from other NFT projects.

Overall, my role on the RareDough project was to help make the technology accessible and easy to use for the community members, while also introducing new and exciting features that had not been seen before in the world of NFTs. With the help of $bread tokens, users can now use it to spend it in RareDoughs Web3 Shop, which is a unique feature of RareDough project.

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