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The market for beer is huge. Beer is brewed in many countries. Only a few brands offer unusual flavors. Waveshot is a high-quality beer with a fresh, modern design. The target group of Waveshot are mostly young people, who value the quality and taste of the beer. Likewise, the lifestyle feeling is very important to the consumer, because with such a conspicuous bottle you do not remain unnoticed.


Beverage Brand


September 2016


Packaging | Corporate Design

Bottle Design

This is the platinum edition of Waveshot. It is a mixed beer with blueberry flavor. The beer bottle design doesn't have a usual look as other beer brands. Especially the eye-catching blue glas with a sleek white printing makes the beer looks fresh.


The sixpack consist of cardboard and covers the whole six bottles. It is in a brighter blue as the bottle with a glossy silver finish.

Bottle Design