Stream Deck
& Wave Link

UI/UX Design

Intuitive & Convenient

Elgato Stream Deck and Wave Link can provide streamers and content creators with a highly integrated and customizable control system for managing both the visual and audio aspects of their content creation process. It features a series of LCD buttons that users can program to execute various commands and actions, such as launching media, switching scenes, adjusting audio levels, and more. The Stream Deck can be programmed to control various functions within Wave Link, allowing for quick adjustments and modifications to the audio mix during live streams or recordings. I have created a new user interface which enhances the overall user experience.


Desktop Application


April 2023


UX Design, UI Design

The Challenge

The primary challenge in this project was to gain a profound understanding of the functionality of the Stream Deck Device and its driver, having never used it myself before. The first aspect I noticed was the absence of a proper onboarding process. It required a considerable amount of time for me to discern how the application interacts with the device.

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