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Cryptype is a brand which aims to spread the world of crypto currencies to the world with style. It is not usual merchandise with a simple coin logo printed on t-shirts. All the products are designed with insiders from the crypto/ trader language. Some designs are even hidden and only seen by real crypto fans. Even perfect for a bear market.


eCommerce Project


November 2017


Fashion Design, Corporate Design, Web Design, Online Marketing


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A simple online shop with clean design where people can buy the products and even pay with crypto.

Customer E-Mail Template

Cryptype Affiliate Program

An affiliate program for influencers. Most influencers also called "Crypto OG - Bitcoin early investors" in the crypto world are mainly active on Twitter. The Cryptype Affiliate Program gives every influencer an own affiliate-link. Every sale from the affiliate-link deposits 10% of the whole order on the Account of the affiliate. The affiliate can even get paid in crypto currencies.

More about the Cryptype Affiliate Program.

John McAfee, known for the McAfee Antivirus, an early Bitcoin investor and crypto currency enthusiast, promoted Cryptype via Twitter.


This is a concept of the tag, box for heavy sweatshirts and hoodies and label.

About 130 Products